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The iPhone 6s… time to downsize

Prior to the iPhone 6 launch, I hankered for a larger screen than the diminutive iPhone 5 offered me on a daily basis. So unwavering was my big screen envy I nearly bought a Nexus 6. I even considered a Samsung Galaxy Note. But I waited for Apple to jump on the Jumbotron bandwagon and release their own. And release they did.

The iPhone 6 Plus is huge. Let’s get that straight. It is bloody massive. Place it in the hands of someone with petite fingers (mine aren’t exactly of the garage mechanic variety) and, frankly, it looks daft. It is bigger than a few of my family members’ heads.

When I first received mine, there was certainly an immediate thought of ‘crikey… what have I done?’. But that soon abated once I got used to the two things which make this phone great:

  1. That screen.
  2. That battery life.

Number 2 in particular is staggering by today’s standards and by those which previous generation iPhones set. It’ll go two days without so much as a backwards glance at the nearest power socket. And that’s with relatively heavy use. Add an Apple Watch into the mix and you’d probably squeeze another half day out of it (I’ll come on to the reasons for that in a moment).

The screen is fab; 1080p and a lovely size for web browsing, emailing, gaming… just about anything, to be honest. It really does feel like a potential computer replacement and I can see how some people could treat it as such. Why buy a laptop when you can do everything on the device nestled in your pocket?

So, as I began to thank Apple for the two (the camera is arguably a third) perks of owning the ‘big one’, it appeared to shrink in size. In a matter of weeks, it felt normal, un-cumbersome and I simply couldn’t imagine owning a smaller phone.

Then I bought an Apple Watch and, as I’ve noted recently, it effortlessly worked its way into my life. Crucially, it also ushered in a new era of less dependence on my smartphone (there’s the additional battery life I alluded to earlier). While out on dog walks, my Watch has now become the default method by which I review notifications, check the time (well, yeah) and adjust the music I’m listening to.

That caused something of a problem. Without being as regularly exposed to the 6 Plus as I had been previously, the phablet I’d come to love quietly grew in stature. It flexed its muscles, ‘manned up’ and became the phone it had, really, always been: a humungous, cumbersome, slippy slab of aluminium and glass.

So, I’ve gone full circle. It is now too big. Last weekend, I handled my dad’s regular 6 (stop laughing at the back) and it felt utterly natural – just right. I want one. Badly.

So, with the announcement of the new iPhone on the horizon (September 9th, in fact), I will be bidding farewell to my not-so-trusty phablet and returning to reality. I’m downsizing. Are you?

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