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Has Apple gone all Samsung with 4K video?

It’s been bothering me. 4K video on an iPhone. Exciting, no? I’m not sure.

I’d still wager that few people have experienced the delights of ultra high definition video, but I have. It is stunning, no doubt. View it on a big enough television, and it offers genuine ‘crikey – that looks more real than real life’ clarity.

But being able to shoot it on your phone? It feels a bit Samsung-like on Apple’s behalf; offer a feature that which will be used once by the majority and occasionally by a minority (and completely forgotten by everyone else).

It isn’t the reason I pre-ordered an iPhone 6s. I doubt I’ll even use it, for I have no device with which to watch the resulting footage on and, regardless, the no-doubt humungous files will only eat away at my 64GB of storage.

Samsung were lambasted for throwing literally every conceivable smartphone feature at the wall when they launched the Galaxy S4. Web pages which scrolled with your eyes, the ability to swipe through app screens by waving your hand in front of the screen. All utterly useless and, to be honest, pretty poorly implemented. 4K on the iPhone – whilst not quite as bonkers as the aforementioned Samsung fodder – does feel a bit ‘Samsung’. Sorry.

Why have Apple introduced it at a time when 4K is still in its infancy? What use is a video format which can’t be played back en-masse and at any family gathering?

Perhaps I’m missing something. Do tell.

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