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Lower your expectations about the Apple Car, now.

As reported by Mac Rumours this week, Apple appears to be – ahem – accelerating their plans for their rumoured foray into the automotive industry. The project is now apparently referred to as ‘committed’ internally, and could hit the roads as soon as 2019.

But what to expect? Self-driving, space age tech?

Well, if Apple’s last few product launches and software updates are anything to go by, probably not.

Look at the Apple TV. The latest version is an iteration. An important iteration, but an iteration nonetheless. It doesn’t resemble something from outer space and nor does it represents a seismic change to the way in which we’ll interact with our televisions (regardless of what they tell us – that’s called ‘marketing’).

The same can be said for the Apple Watch. It’s a smartwatch. Nothing more. I can’t think of a single advancement it has made in that field. Its just their version of one. A good one, yes, but it won’t turn your wrist into something Captain Kirk would relish.

Apple jumps into industries and sectors when they feel the time is right. Clearly, they are intrigued enough by the opportunities presented in the automotive industry to get involved – soon. And, when you think about it, it’s right up their street. We’re in an age where car manufacturers are striving for greener engines and ways in which to move┬ácars away from the climate change-inducing necessities for which they have been all too readily described, into polar bear-hugging, leaf-friendly electric machines.

Phil Schiller and co will shout from the rooftops about the green credentials of their products (no one knows what EPEAT is, but we know all MacBooks are ‘EPEAT Gold’, and that can only be a good thing). Imagine an ‘EPEAT Gold’ car. That’d make headlines.

So, we shouldn’t expect anything other than a very good stab at an electric car when the Apple Car finally hits showrooms. Self driving? This isn’t an episode of Knight Rider, I’m afraid. I think it’s time we all knocked down our expectations of new Apple products. And that isn’t a bad thing at all.

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