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OCD alert: iPhone 6s uneven backlighting

I’m now on my second iPhone 6s. The first had uneven backlighting. The second… has uneven backlighting.

In reality, the affected area is marginal; there is a slight darkening of the LCD panel at the top-right of the screen by the battery indicator. Most ‘normal’ consumers would be none the wiser. I’m not normal, though.

I once went through about four iPhone 3Gs due to dust under the screen. I noticed the little specs, others wouldn’t. But it became a mission to find one that was pristine with several trips back to the no doubt slightly weary Genius Bar people. To their credit, they replaced the device each time, but this is rather bonkers, surely, when your’e paying north of £600 for a telephone. It should be pristine.

It appears I’m not alone. Clearly, this won’t be of bend- or antennae-gate magnitude and is likely just a batch of poor screens, but it is frustrating nonetheless.

Own a 6s or 6s Plus? How’s your screen?


  1. Stewiep

    I was wondering whether you managed to get this issue sorted. Did Apple replace your phone for you?
    I’ve told them about my almost identical problem over the phone, and they told me to bring my 6s into the nearest Apple store – which is around 100 miles away.

  2. Mark Ellis

    I did get it replaced around twice, from memory. All of them had varying degrees of the problem, so I gave up. As I look at my phone now, it seems barely an issue anymore which means either A) I’ve got used to it or B) it has improved over time.

    There’s definitely something odd about these 6S screens, though, and common thought is that it is 3D Touch related.

    My advice? Don’t drive those 100 miles unless it really is terrible.


      Thanks for He reply.
      I’ve heard about this screen lottery. I would hate to get a replacement, only for a new screen to be more uneven than the first.
      This shouldn’t be an issue on such an expensive phone, so I’m pretty annoyed. Apple are less than helpful in telling me the best way to get it sorted is to transport it myself, rather than them sending a courier to collect it.

      • Mark Ellis

        Unless it’s terrible, I really would stick with it. I think it’s just an unfortunate (and, I agree, unacceptable) trade off for the screen tech in the 6S.

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