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Why I’m excited about the new ‘iPad Air 3’

I have a dilemma which falls squarely under the ‘first world problems’ heading. So, bear with me on this, please.

I need… sorry. Ahem. I want to get a new iPad. In fact, circumstances dictate that I have to get one. Let’s use that excuse, because it is partly true, after all. The problem, as any purchaser of Apple products will know, is that I seem to have somewhat unexpectedly fallen head first into the rabbit hole of overpriced luxury tech confusion.

My trusty MacBook Air is probably the best computer I’ve owned. It joins me on almost every journey and assists me with the every day task of earning an income. I love it. But it hasn’t got a retina screen and it isn’t the new MacBook. So, it is therefore defunct and entirely useless. That’s the law.

As it happens, I simply can’t bring myself to replace it at this stage. For as much as I covet the minuscule marvel that is Apple’s 12″ MacBook, I simply can’t find an excuse which will make it a legitimate purchase. I don’t need it. Simple.

So, my attention turned to the iPad Pro. And, again, the book of excuses was delved into, furiously. Perhaps I’d be able to develop a love and talent for drawing with the Apple Pencil. Perhaps it would replace the MacBook Air. It would be brilliant, surely, for watching catchup TV in bed thanks to the room-filling sound and ginormous screen. Alas, again, none of these excuses forced me to reach for my wallet. I definitely don’t need an iPad Pro. It is a fascinating device, but offers no benefit for me. It won’t solve a problem, nor will it enable me to increase my earning potential. I also sit firmly within the camp occupied by those who believe we’re still some way off tablets becoming viable laptop replacements.

Here’s the killer; I’ve got two iPads already. One is the original Air, which remains a fantastic device, the second a first generation Mini. The latter, while frustratingly creaky on iOS9, acts as a great little digital version of the Guardian every morning. The former is my daily workhorse and performs tirelessly.

In short, I don’t need a new iPad.

Then, Apple did what they always do. They pulled that age-old trick whereby they trickle out information relating to forthcoming hardware, in this case the ‘iPad Air 3’ (the continuation of a naming convention we should be weary of relying on, admittedly).

If the reports on 9TO5Mac are to be believed, we’re going to be introduced to a ‘mini’ iPad Pro in March. And that is very exciting indeed. Suddenly, I do need an iPad. Honestly.

Here’s why. The original Air is a brilliant tablet – we know that. But it too is starting to feel the weight of iOS9’s thirst for more RAM. It can’t run apps in split screen mode and the telltale signs of a piece of hardware hanging on for dear life is beginning to creep in with a slight hesitation upon switching apps becoming more evident on my device, at least.

The iPad Air 3 is also rumoured to be compatible with the Pencil, and that really is compelling. I’m not an artist, but the ability to finally use a style entirely designed for the iPad may just make it a more competent note-taking device.

I’m going to get one, and then I’m going to review it on here. There. Decision made. Thanks for listening.


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