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Ooh, just 2GB? Hello iPad (big) Pro…

I was all set. I’d got excited about it and, following last week’s Apple special event, decided that I’d definitely be ordering the new 9.7″ iPad Pro.

And then I heard that Apple’s ‘PC killer’ is only going to have 2GB RAM nestling in its super-thin body. So, instead (this morning, in fact), I placed an order for its big brother.

I fully understand that iOS is great at memory management and that, for years, we’ve had devices with a measly 1GB of the stuff performing rather splendidly. That’s all well and good and suits the one-two year lifecycle of the iPhone just fine, but I expect far more longevity when it comes to my iPads.

My current daily driver is an original iPad Air. It’s a superb tablet, but is now starting to show the telltale signs of a device whose operating system is beginning to surpass it in terms of technical prowess; Safari is getting slower and app switching can, at times, take longer than feels comfortable. It would be fair, therefore, to argue that the exact same thing could happen two years down the line with the ‘diddy’ iPad Pro. Is iOS 11 going to run as smooth as butter on that thing? Possibly not.

The 12.9″ variant, however, has double the memory and possesses an A9X chip which isn’t under-clocked. In my simple mind, that means it’ll be able to deal with whatever iOS can throw at it over the next three-four years. I can live without the true tone functionality of the 9.7″ (you don’t miss what you don’t see), and I have absolutely no intention of using my iPad for photography, so the better camera means little.

So, there you go. After all the pontificating, speculation and dribbling over potential specs, I’ve gone with the big one. The massive one. The one I said I would never, ever need.

I will be giving it a good few weeks before reviewing the iPad Pro 12.9″ (crikey – when is Apple going to fix its product naming conventions?!), so – and if you’re in a similar boat to me – stay tuned.

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