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I’m forever returning Apple devices

Right, time for a moan. And, before I start, I want to make it clear that, although I used to be somewhat anal when it came to my tech devices (you know, cases on everything, the onset of depression when the first scratch is discovered – that kind of thing), I’ve worked hard to remove that irritating trait from my being.

With that in mind, why on Earth do I find myself continually returning Apple devices due to imperfections? There was the iPhone 6S with its frankly terrible screen issues and, before that, countless iPhones I’ve had to have exchanged due to what appears to be something of a device lottery when it comes to obtaining a perfect one.

I’ve just had to arrange the second replacement of my iPad Pro (which I adore and will review once I’ve spent more time with it). The first had a ‘clicky’ screen and its replacement had an even clickier screen and, most irritatingly, a small chip beneath the screen glass.

For a company that prides itself on forging ahead with new, fantastical production methods and industrial strength industrial design, Apple seems to be rather woeful when it comes to quality control.

I’ve just bought my 87,000th Sonos Play:1 speaker (they’re rather addictive) and it is, as you would expect, utterly perfect. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s brand new.

The iPad Pro sitting next to me, on the face of it, looks fine and I think that’s the crux of the problem. A problem highlighted clearly by the conversation I’ve just had with an Apple Support person.

Me: I simply can’t justify driving for 45 minutes to an Apple Store to get this fixed.

Apple Support: Ok. I understand your frustration, sir. I would be just as frustrated if this happened to me. Ok. Wait a moment, please…

<5 minutes pass>

Apple Support: Sorry for keeping you, sir. I want to get this resolved for you today and I am going to give you two options. No, three options. Here they are. Number one – you visit a local Apple reseller for the repair. Number two – you post it back to us and we ship a replacement. Number three. Oh. No, sorry, you can’t visit a store, can you?

Me: No. Nor do I wish to be without my iPad any longer.

Apple Support: I totally understand, sir. I am going to get this resolved for you. However, you say it was cosmetic damage beneath the screen? Given that this does not effect the functionality of the device, is it really worth this much trouble to get it replaced?

I absolutely promise you that was his response. It was akin to saying “Come on, get over yourself, mate. It’s just a scratch inflicted by Apple during manufacturing. You’ll get used to it. All this faffing about with returns isn’t worth it, is it?”

Scary stuff. And Apple seem to be getting away with it, because if my mum had received said iPad, I doubt she would have spotted the issue.

Which begs the question, have I really shaken off my technology OCD? Are most products, Apple or not, like this out of the factory? Or am I just exceedingly unlucky?

Oh, and just to top it off, my iPhone 6S screen is now loose.

Looks like I may indeed have to make that trip to the Genius Bar…

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