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No new iPhone design? Why, of course

There are rumours abound that the next version of the iPhone – likely slated for launch in September this year – is going to sport a very similar design to that of the iPhone 6 and 6S. And, understandably, this has been met with dismay by some. Apple has, after all, treated us to a significant redesign of their smartphone every two years.

A flush rear camera, zero antenna bands on the rear (something that has never, ever bothered me) and the obligatory shedding of some weight and ‘thickness’ are widely expected to be the only design changes.

This is absolutely fine. We’ve reached a point where smartphones are slabs of metal and glass. They’re thin, mobile phone-shaped, light and satisfying to hold and use. Where do we go from here? What significant design changes could Apple possibly implement at this point in time with the type of widely-available technology they have to hand? Make it circular?

If the rumours are right, we’re likely to see a very different design in 2017, and that makes total sense; by that time, the ability to integrate the home button and Touch ID sensor within the (OLED?) display may very well be possible. Clearly, it ain’t now.

What matters in the meantime is the continual evolution of iOS. iOS 10 was a promising if no-frills update in my book, but many in the tech press believe we’ll start to see more sizeable point updates, and if that’s true, I very much look forward to Apple advancing the heart of the iPhone before any kind of big redesign next year.

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