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Sonos’ 3D Touch integration demonstrates its failings (via The Verge)

Here’s the process for pausing a playing song on Sonos via 3D Touch: hard press, hit pause, launch app, close app. Here it is again, without 3D Touch: launch app, hit pause, close app. My immediate displeasure was directed at Sonos itself, but then I tried Apple’s own Music app and that was worse. Apple Music Quick Actions allow me to start the last song I had playing, but not pause it, and instead of favorites, the second option is to play Beats 1 Radio (again no Quick Action to pause or stop). SoundCloud and Tidal, my two other favored music services, haven’t adopted 3D Touch yet — and judging from the quality of what’s available right now, I don’t blame them.

Couldn’t agree more. It’s also worth noting that the Sonos 3D Touch features are somewhat temperamental; the ‘Play’ option rarely works first time, adding yet another step once you’re in the app (and rendering it entirely useless, to be honest).

3D Touch when used in this manner simply highlights the lingering closed mentality of iOS. Please, Apple – allow developers like those behind the Sonos app to be able to pull out functionality without the user having to open the app in question. In turn, perhaps that would enable us Sonos users the sorely-needed ability to throw any audio we like to our speakers from any app.


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