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Why the lack of a headphone jack on the next iPhone doesn’t matter

If I rounded up a bunch of iPhone-using friends and asked for their opinion on the potential lack of a headphone jack in the next iteration of Apple’s smartphone, I think I know what the response would be.

A frown or two followed by a brief shrug of the shoulders.

You see, I don’t think the general public will give two hoots about the inability to plug a standard pair of headphones into their phone. You know why? Because, almost without question, they use the headphones that came with their iPhone. The white ones. You know – the ones you see constantly dangling from the ears of passers-by on the high street.

Audiophiles and those who have a habit of losing their white earbuds may well be a little miffed – I accept that – but it’s possible Apple will ship the next iPhone with a lightning to headphone adapter. Which will make everything just fine.

Again, I think this is another case of the tech press overreacting within their (and I appreciate I number amongst them) little geeky bubble. If the rumours turn out to be true, these techy grumbles will nudge the nationals, who’ll run the story on the biggest stage, causing a brief furore before things settle, iPhone sales continue to sky-rocket and, just a few short weeks later, everyone forgets about it.

Also, am I the only one who thinks there is something rather satisfying about the thought of plugging a pair of headphones into the lightning port? The reassuring ‘click’ as it engages? The absence of any other unsightly hole on your phone? No? Just me? Fine.

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