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Apple to finally ditch 16GB iPhone (via AppleInsider)

Citing a source familiar with Apple’s plans, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that the base model for Apple’s anticipated “iPhone 7” will include 32 gigabytes of storage. That’s twice the 16-gigabyte minimum that has remained in Apple’s iPhone lineup for years.

I once tried a 16GB iPhone 6 Plus in the hope that my reliance on cloud services would render additional native space superfluous. I was wrong. 16 gigabytes of storage is simply too small, due in part to the colossally-poor near-line file management Apple’s Photos app delivers. It eats up storage like no tomorrow and there is absolutely no way to stop it doing so.

And what do people like doing with their phones? Taking photos. Lots of photos.

News that Apple is likely to scrap the 16GB model all together is very welcome indeed, but it really has taken too long. Margins? Apple has margins coming out of its ears – I never bought the desire to maximise profits as the reason 16GB has forever been the base iPhone model. I suspect the real reason ran far deeper than that, and I also suspect we’ll never know what, exactly, drove it.


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