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Are people happier without Facebook? (via Popular Science)

…the Happiness Research Institute found Facebook users are 39 percent more likely to be unhappier than their friends who stopped using the site.

I keep my Facebook account because I need it for my business. If I didn’t, I would have abandoned it long ago.

The reason? I remember a time when Facebook was a website on which you could have a laugh with your mates. That was its sole purpose. There were no self-indulgent posts by people congratulating themselves on a particularly successful trip to Starbucks with the kids, no self righteous sharing of click bait news articles and absolutely zero mild racism.

Facebook is deep in the process of eating itself. It is imploding, weighed down by countless ill-judged posts from members of all generations and inane shares of everyday life. Of course people are happier without it.

Twitter, on the other hand, has successfully married instant news with a digital playground built for having a laugh. I’ll continue to do my social networking there.


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