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Apple is in the process of fixing iCloud Music Library (via TechCrunch)

Apple Music subscribers are being switched over to this better matching technology at a rate of 1 percent to 2 percent per day, and the process has not yet completed, says Dalrymple. Apple Music subscribers (who don’t also subscribe to iTunes Match) will be able to tell if they’ve been switched if they see “Matched” in the iCloud Status column in iTunes on their Mac…


As originally broken by Jim Dalrymple at The Loop, it appears that Apple is finally fixing a problem with Apple Music that trashed many people’s iTune libraries, including my own. Instead of using meta data to match locally-stored tracks with those in Apple Music’s database, it will instead use the far more accurate iTunes Match method of audio fingerprinting.

As noted in the above quote, the roll out of the fix is taking place very slowly, but this morning I bit the bullet and flicked the iTunes Music Library switch on my Mac Mini that has, until now, remained the sole device holding my untouched, un-destroyed music library. And, almost instantly, tracks have been incorrectly matched.

I’m holding off any relentless swearing and tossing of the Mac out of the window, though, because it appears that, when you are updated to the new matching method, things should be sorted (even if it involved the odd bit of re-downloading of the odd track).

We’ll see, and I shall most certainly report back…


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