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MacBook Air to be revitalised? (via Cult of Mac)

Apple is supposedly planning to release a new MacBook Air with USB-C, according to the latest rumor out of Asia, though no timeframe has been given on the launch date.

On first glance, this rumour seems rather perplexing. For a long time, I’ve assumed the MacBook Air will simply slip into ‘cult’ status, but could Apple really be revamping it in a forthcoming update?

The USB-adorned and ultra thin 12″ MacBook seemed ideally poised as the MacBook Air replacement once the latter was finally discontinued, but maybe that isn’t Apple’s intention at all. Perhaps the Air does still have a place.

The answer may well be staring me in the face. I’m writing this post on an 11″ MacBook Air which I absolutely adore. Its size, adequate grunt and looks which have stood the test of time (Apple were so far ahead with the Air line design) result in a device which is still entirely relevant in this day and age.

So, on second glance, a revitalised Air with USB C and – surely – a retina screen perhaps doesn’t seem that daft after all. It would, presumably, also continue to fulfil the requirement Apple has for a sub £1K laptop within their arsenal.

One thing is for sure – we’re in for a very interesting Apple fall (or ‘autumn’, as it’s known here in the UK).


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