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News of a haptic iPhone 7 home button is good news for the OCD crowd

Apple is planning an updated home button for the new models. Current home buttons are switches that physically press into the phone, but the new models will have a pressure-sensitive button that employs so-called haptic feedback

Every iPhone and iPad I’ve owned has had a different home button. Not physically, obviously, but certainly in terms of build quality. In my experience, they are either slightly sunk, clicky (when they shouldn’t be) or slightly loose and all exhibit a very different feel overall. It’s hard to articulate, if I’m honest, but any owner of multiple iDevices will know what I mean.

If the above rumour – as reported by Mark Gurman at Bloomberg – is true, it is fantastic news for the OCD-ites like myself. Apple’s haptic technology is devilishly clever as it somehow tricks the brain into thinking that a static surface can be in some way depressed. Assuming they do with the iPhone’s home button what they’ve done with the Magic Trackpad, we’ll end up with something that simply can’t exhibit any of the manufacturing inconsistencies I noted earlier but which still operates as expected.

A rumour is exactly that, though, so we’ll have to wait until next month to see whether my home button OCD will be cured by the miracle of Apple industrial design.


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