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More iPhone 7 Plus stock than before hints at demand

…Apple will make a larger proportion of iPhone 7 Plus compared to the standard-size iPhone than it has for the past two years, which has hovered around 30%

Clearly, Apple is expecting greater demand for their daddy iPhone this time around, and that stands to reason. If the leaks are to be believed (they’re coming thick and fast from a variety of sources now, so it’s likely), there will, finally, be more of a reason to ‘go big’, other than the fact that it’s just… well, bigger.

A significantly better camera driven by a dual lens system could just be enough to tempt people to spend the additional £100 or so and pick the big one. And you know what? I’m considering it myself, despite having downsized last year

The allure of that big screen is tapping me on the shoulder again and the new camera fascinates me, despite there being absolutely zero detail on what, exactly, it’ll do. Better low-light performance? Increased DSLR-like bokeh capabilities? Who knows. Only Apple can tell us that come the unveiling.

As always, it’ll come down to the story Apple tells in September. And it had better be a good one, for the pressure really is on this time around.


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