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Apple’s QC problems continue: the iPhone 7 Plus and the case of the clicking screen/enclosure

Another iPhone launch, another jump on the early adopter bandwagon for me. And, it seems, yet another quality control issue for Apple’s most important product.

I have had countless build problems with Apple hardware over the years from bent iPad Pros to iPhone screens with less than uniform brightness. For the last week or so, I’ve been living in blissful ignorance, content that my shiny new iPhone 7 Plus is perfect (you know, as something that is brand new should be). No problems with the screen, no scratches and no unusual sound emitting from the CPU.

That was until last night, when I noticed that the enclose and/or screen ‘clicks’ when held in a certain way. Clearly, I’m holding it wrong, eh, Tim?

I’m not alone, either. And, I’ll be honest, I’m sick to the back teeth of Apple’s woeful QC when it comes to new products. They can throw as many glossy videos at us depicting space-age manufacturing techniques as they like – there is a very real problem when it comes to the quality of the stuff that leaves the factory.

I’ll be retuning mine for a replacement, but if that MacRumours thread is anything to go by, I may simply be entering into yet another device lottery. Which is all rather tiresome.

Every year, there’s a ‘gate’, be it bendgate, hissgate or antennagate. Oddly enough, I’ve never suffered from the supposed quality issues of Apple’s products that make the headlines – I tend to encounter the stuff that, at first glance, seems to be nothing more than fodder for the OCD crowd.

I’ve even questioned myself. Am I too expectant? Always hunting for problems? And then, I remember that I’ve spent nigh-on £1,000 on a telephone, built by the richest company in the world which prides itself in peerless design and build quality.

This isn’t OCD. It is poor quality control – nothing more. For a smartphone which leans on waterproofing as one of its main features, a seemingly loose case doesn’t exactly inspire me with the confidence required to take it out during a rain shower.

Poor show, Apple.

Have you experienced issues with the iPhone 7 Plus casing? Let me know below. I’ll keep my side of the story updated as it progresses.

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