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Clicky iPhone 7 Plus screen update

So, having previously reported the faulty, clicky screen/enclosure on my iPhone 7 Plus, I this week received its replacement.

And its worse; both the left and right bottom corners of the device click when pressed (and no, it ain’t 3D Touch).

So, that one’s going back, as is the original. I’m going to get a third and see how that one fares before making a firm decision, but I’m tempted to ‘go small’ again, due to zero reports about clicking screens on the 7.

But, why should I? Why are these Apple QC problems so prevalent? Why can’t these bloody expensive telephones be made correctly?

I even asked the Apple rep I spoke to yesterday if this was a common problem. “This is the first instance I’ve seen, I’m afraid. You just seem to have been very unlucky,” she said, somewhat predictably.

If you’ve experienced this too, please do let me know in the comments section. We have a problem with Apple and the quality of their products, and it has been present for a long time. Bizarrely, though, it is never reported in the tech press (bar the usual ‘-gate’ story).

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