This isn’t an Apple news blog, for there are far too many of them. the beach baller simply offers an opinion on all things Apple. And the odd review. And the occasional, justified grumpiness. Oh, and some general tech coverage thrown in for good measure.

My name is Mark Ellis and, unlike many Apple and tech commentators, I don’t come from a prosperous or deadline-toiling background of tech journalism, be it traditional print or online. I’m just a nerd, a geek; I love technology.

Apple is a company I am absolutely fascinated with; they regularly leave me either in awe or dismayed depending on the latest news heading out of Cupertino. I will therefore place them on a pedestal when I deem fit, yet will quickly point out when they’ve done the exact opposite of making a dent in the universe.

I hope you enjoy my musings. Do comment or reach out to me on Twitter if I’ve tempted you to.